Do you provide a “model house”?

Unlike some well known competition, we don’t provide such a “house”.

The main reasons why we believe that such a house is not in your or our interest:

  • Lack of privacy – in many cases you would not have a single room. You would need to share the room and all with others.
  • Lack of possibility to relaxe after a stressful day of shooting. We believe that you need time for relaxing and to just forget work for a few hours.
  • Not much of a difference in prices. If we would do a model house like others, we would somehow need to subsidize the prices to make it cheaper for you. The only option we see would be to do some sort of streaming (just like our competition). As we think that this affects your dignity and privacy too much, we rather tell our models to use or In some cases you also might be able to stay in the location there the shooting takes place.